pátek 27. dubna 2012

Risks of stolen BMW: AAA AUTO you get lifetime legal-origin guarantees

Since BMW is one of the world’s most stolen cars, there is always risk when buying it used. Of course, the risk is bigger when buying from individual sellers. 

With large used-car dealers, who do not sell on consignment but are car owners, the danger is significantly smaller. For example, AAA AUTO, large Holland-founded dealer of used cars operating mainly in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Russia, checks all cars against stolen-car registers. 

Stolen BMW are very popular namely in Russia, where they are being frequently exported on concrete “orders”. Thus AAA AUTA pays a huge attention to stolen BMW problem also in Moscow, where it operates from 2011. Stolen BMW thus should never appear in AAA AUTO. On the other hand, should you buy stolen BMW from AAA AUTO and you find this even several years after purchase, you will get all your money back based on AAA AUTO legal origin life-time guarantee.

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